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Velvet Rasputin

We fight for our creative birthright.

Velvet Rasputin is a multidisciplinary arts collective guided by an ethos of exploration and faith, which includes its audience in the creative process. Velvet Rasputin is a Puerto Rican and nonbinary-owned enterprise that embraces curiosity, useful debate, and diversity of all types, without succumbing to the whims of performative allyship or, people who cloak their prejudices with legalism. Velvet Rasputin is based in rural Minnesota.

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Velvet Rasputin Comics

Available Titles

One-Shot Titles

Protest Trolls: A zany comic 'zine about the stupidity of politics and oblivious rich people. - - Recommended for Ages 14+

Confident Customer Loving: A little motivational comic about Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz. - Recommended for Ages 14+

Soup Wars: A bilingual graphic novel about a despot rewriting history. - Recommended for Ages 17+

Poe Takes A Trip: A naughty ninja kitty finds a bunch of wild mushrooms. Will he find enlightenment, or will Poe's Master disapprove of his magical trip? - Recommended for Ages 14+


Rasputin Catamite
A coming of age story made in a Soviet hell full of teenage horror, heartache, hockey and corruption. Visit the Rasputin Catamite website for more information.
Queercore, Slice of Life, Horror - - Recommended for Ages 16+

Graphic novellas about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and his lovers. Visit the Barxotka website for more information.
Crime, Military, Psychological Thriller, Metaphysical, Horror, Erotica, LGBT, Gay, BL - Recommended for Ages 17+

I Have Problems...
Simple drawings hide an ultra-dark graphic novella series about the problematic life of a fallen dissident priest in Soviet Russia and the social structures that screw over everyone everywhere. Visit the I Have Problems... website for more information.
Genres: Queercore, Gay, BL, LGBT Pulp Fiction, Crime, Tragedy, Jeremiad, Kyriarchy Studies, Dystopian Historical Fiction - Recommended for Ages 17+

Earth-Kissed Metals

Ever wanted to own an impressive battle axe, or a well-crafted knife that conforms to your hand? Award-winning bladesmith, Luke "Loki" Wojtanowicz, uses found materials and retired farm tools to create elegant and functional cutting implements that are made to impress. Contact Velvet Rasputin for more information, or visit Loki's website.

One of Loki's Blades

Velvet Rasputin Staff

Creative Director
Reverend Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz is a Puerto Rican-born multidisciplinary artist and ordained minister based out of Rice, MN. This dynamic creator's primary focus is comic art, but inspiration may also be drawn from outsider art, nature, and abstract expressionism. Vas's experiments tend to be weird, extremely colorful, and often deal with disturbing themes like trauma, social breakdown, identity issues, disillusion with organized religion, mental illness, and alienation, when they aren't about faith, flowers or textile surfaces.

The Team
Loki Kaspari works as a farmer and a bladesmith when he isn’t creating comics. Loki’s published comics include Killer Dyke and Poe Takes a Trip. He is a frequent collaborator for Rasputin Barxotka and Rasputin Catamite.

Amanda “Mandarr” House enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy books. A wearer of mismatching socks, she enjoys dancing around in her underwear to loud and happy music when no one is home. Mandarr’s published works include several installments of the Rasputin Barxotka graphic novel series.

Mike Podgor is the guy behind Monsters of Multimedia, and a prolific comicker who is part of the multidisciplinary creative crew at the Fictosphere. He's the guy behind Velvet Rasputin cute comic summary pages.

Jonathan Wilson, a former Indianapolis native, was inspired by the Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug, to become an independent comics creator and the owner of

Gnomie Johnson (a.k.a. Narphy La Mancha) graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Media arts and animation. She can make illustrations that span from the dark and disturbing to the cute and squishy. Her weapons of choice are digital art, acrylic paint, and colored pencil.

Ram Lama has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2003. He has written and illustrated a variety of graphic novels, ranging from cute romantic comedies to political satires and dark dramas. His true passion is for adult comics where the readers vote on the direction of the story.


K.M. Claude is an indie cartoonist whose work is best described as erotic Southern Gothic — a mix of the sensually gorgeous and the horrifically grotesque — that draws heavy inspiration from Catholicism, Western animation from the early ’90s, and Japanese horror, comics, and musicals. Visit to indulge in Claude’s decadent world.
Studio A.d.H.D is an unconventional nerd chick. In addition to producing webcomics and stunning visual art, SA indulges in anime and video game randomness, as well as cosplay.
Michael Aston is the co-creator of Lacey Investigations.
Shaun Nicholls – Co-creator of Lacey Investigations.
Jessie W. Craig‘s childhood dream was to create a comic. That dream came to fruition in 2011, when he started Charisma Kills Studios.
“slaveboy” thom Wolfox sR Rhose is an average automotive parts master and father by day. By night thom is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in poetry and has served as a professional helper monkey for rock stars, burlesque queens, exotic dancers, models, artists and even show horses. thom and Vas frequently collaborate to create the music and poetry of Upir’s Mark in Rasputin Catamite.
Paul Haskell – Flats
Tristan J. Tarwater – An awesome fantasy author.
Zodiak – A frequent contributor in our Facebook Page. Creator of Steampunk Gorgon.
Jennifer Canby – Creator of Jenny Draws Comics.
Caylie Dean
Stef Davis
N. Arnoldi
El Interno del Inferno
Courie Bishop
Guest Artists
Thibault Kervarech – The creator of the Rasputin Catamite theme song.
Neurotic Leporidae – A rising freelance artist
Trangluu – A rising freelance artist
Michelle Mau – Creator of Loud Era
Rinkelle – Creator of Xenobiosis
Marius Hjelseth – Creator of October 20th
Jaeden Janicky – Creator of Flunkies
Jon Esparza – Creator of the Crazyverse
Vikki2796 – A rising creator on deviantART
Aero Zero – Creator of Men + Monsters
Fowlie – Creator of Fritz Fargo
Ethan Kocak – Creator of The Black Mudpuppy
Peregrin Lorimer – Creator of For the Love of You
Dank! – Creator of Staple Genius
Melaphyre – Creator of Princess Chroma
Jack Cayless – Creator of Bum Rush Comics and The Miskatonic
Huub – Creator of the Dutch comic Otto en Lotte
Darian821 – A Y!Gallery commission artist
Lupi – Prolific painter, co-host of the Geek Report and editor of Germ Warfare
Meow Yinn – A rising artist who is also a huge fan of Rasputin Barxotka.
Jane – A rising artist with an amazing talent for male pinups.
Jeremy Olson – He’s insanely weird and in love with giantesses, and we love him for it.
PhoenixRenaissance – A rising artist with charming sketch art.
Thomas Overbeck – Creator of Times Like This
Viskamiro – Creator of Hallodri
Jack Marconi – A fan who sent us awesome work, that’s all we know.

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