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Partner Studios

This is where our creative teams come from. Each studio is in charge of specific projects for the Velvet Rasputin projects. Partner Studios are added to the Velvet Rasputin by invitation only, and are responsible for creating 12 or more pages of official content, or a full book, for Velvet Rasputin properties.

Current Staff


Puerto Rican-born multidisciplinary artist and writer, Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, became a published illustrator in 1980. Vas is still raising hell and going strong with indie publishing endeavors. Vas’s colorful past has taken this creative dynamo into the world of the entertainment industry, accidental political activism, religious ordination, and underground comics.


Ram Lama has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2003. He has written and illustrated a variety of graphic novels, ranging from romantic comedies to political satires and dark dramas. His true passion is for poll-based comics where the readers vote on the direction of the story.


The elusive Loki Kaspari works as a farmer and a bladesmith when he isn’t creating comics. Loki’s published comics include Killer Dyke and Poe Takes a Trip.


Amanda “Mandarr” Wearstler enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy books. A wearer of mismatching socks, she enjoys dancing around in her underwear to loud and happy music when no one is home. Mandarr’s published works include several installments of the Rasputin Barxotka graphic novel series.

Ann Is Not Here

The mysterious Ann Marigo creates the Wildman series.


Jessie W. Craig ‘s childhood dream was to create a comic. That dream came to fruition in 2011, when he started Charisma Kills Studios and released his first webcomic, Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms. SDMW was followed up by the webcomics Apocalypse Pizza, CKS Chronicles, and C.O.G. Comics. In March, 2015, Jessie produced his first printed comics, Kenshin 1281 and Parasomnia.


“slaveboy” thom Wolfox sR Rhose is an average automotive parts master and father by day. By night thom is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in poetry and has served as a professional helper monkey for rock stars, burlesque queens, exotic dancers, models, artists and even show horses. thom and Vas frequently collaborate to create the music and poetry of Upir’s Mark in Rasputin Catamite.


Studio A.d.H.D is an unconventional nerd chick. In addition to producing webcomics and stunning visual art, SA indulges in anime and video game randomness, as well as cosplay.


Narphy “Gnomie” LaMancha received an art diploma in 2005 that had the label BS on it. She also had a past habit of confusing and/or pissing off rock stars from other parts of the world with her fan art. Fearing for her life, she stopped creating comic art and has been in hiding since. After much coaxing, Vas Littlecrow encouraged her to fight her inner demons and leave the basement every once in a while to play music that would help bring the angels of the apocalypse to Earth.


Michael Aston is a college student and co-creator of Lacey Investigations. Currently, he is taking care of the Rasputin Barxotka/Lacey Investigations crossover, The Mayor’s Daughter.

Other Participants

Guest Staff for Rasputin Barxotka

Old School RaspCat Creative Team

  • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz
  • Caylie Dean
  • Stef Davis
  • Narphy La Mancha
  • El Interno del Inferno
  • Courie Bishop
  • Flavin
  • slaveboy thom

Guest Artists

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