Navigation Tips

  • Any update with numbers underneath it has multiple pages.
  • Click on the numbers to see additional content.
  • Navigate by using the links above and below the comic.
  • You can easily navigate through the comics by using the left (previous) and right (next) arrow buttons on your keyboard.
  • Many comic have transcripts underneath their corresponding blog post.  Click on “Show Transcript” to see them.
  • These comic transcripts, as well as the blog posts can easily be converted into your language by using automatic translation website.
  • All transcribed comics, pages and posts are searchable.
  • Each comic has a tag menu underneath that will help you return to your page anytime you visit, provided you have cookies on your computer. Click on “tag” to temporarily bookmark the last page you visited before you leave the site.  When you return click on “go to tag” to be transported back to the page. Hover over “info” in case you forget how this works.
  • You can navigate the archives visually by going browsing the chapters via the sidebar widget, or by text using date/title.
  • If you want to know when new updates are added to this site, please subscribe to our RSS feed or join our mailing list when you comment on any post.

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