If there are any other words or phrases you want defined from the Velvet Rasputin universe that you want translated, leave them in the comments below.

Beard – A (willing or unwitting) female partner who serves as a cover for a gay man

Blow – Cocaine

Blue Hare – A hare is a sex maniac who enjoys group sex with women, while a blue (azure) hare is a sex maniac who also enjoys sex with men.

Catamite – A child slave used for sexual purposes; passive gay partner; submissive partner

Citizen – The Soviet alternative to Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./Mx.; more likely to be used than “comrade”

Chopper – Helicopter

Et vaig a matar, cara de cul – I will kill you, assface

Frances – French; also means “fellatio”

Fot el camp – “Go to the countryside”; also means, “Fuck off”

Gadje/Gadze – Non-Roma person, exiled Roma person or person who looks like they are Rom

Goluboi – Light blue (azure); man who engages in gay sex

Gulag – Prison camp

Gypsy King – A decoy leader, usually the biggest loser in the village, who serves to deflect attention away from the actual chieftain, especially during interactions with gadje folk.

Kari/Kori/Kar – Penis (Yes, Camello’s legal Russian name is Kameron Penis.)

KGB – The Committee for State Security

Klinela – Dammit

Kris/Krisnitorya – Romani Court

Marime – Spiritually polluted

Militsiya/Militia – Police

Monchino – Indentured servitude

Mulo – Ghost

Pajarito mort – Limp dick

Pomoss – Assistance

Poontang – Vagina

Psal/Phral – Brother

Rakli – Gadje woman

Roma/Romani РThe Married Ones (also to referred as Gypsies Рwhich may be pejorative term in some communities.)

Rom (Rrom) – Male Romani

Rroma/Rromani – An alternate spelling for Roma/Romani

Satphone – Satellite Phone

Spanking monkeys – masturbation

The Commission/The Committee – The KGB

Tshatshimo – Truth and fairness

Tupe – Stupid

Ves te’n al cony de ta mare, malparit – Crawl back up into your mother’s cunt, ill-bred (asshole).

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