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On a more serious note…

When I was working on rebuilding the site last week, I received a horrifying phone call.  One of my best friends, who was saving herself for when she felt ready to have sex, was raped by her boyfriend.  Having been the victim of acquaintance rape myself, I forced myself to stay up until she was able to report the incident.  She was confused and frightened about the whole situation, but I was able to confirm that what happened was in fact a sexual violation.  My dear friend was unable to press charges because of the shitty date rape laws in her state, even though the police empathized with her situation and felt that what happened was a non-consensual act.  I was proud of her courage in contacting the cops nonetheless.  Making that call is one of the most agonizing responsibilities that a victim must bear, but it’s also the most important.  Helping the police create that initial paperwork, can make a huge difference in the lives of other people who are victimized by the perpetrator, even when charges cannot be pressed.

I was very tired, but I know first hand that nothing sucks like being alone after an attack.  I had to fix the comics archive anyway, so it wasn’t a burden at all to stay up with her.  I maintained my cool for her sake.  Deep inside, I was raging as badly as was Zoya is in today’s comic.  I think that if I would’ve seen my friend’s attacker, I probably would have wanted to beat the shit out of him too — or worse.

I am glad to report that my friend has cut off all contact with that dick and is getting the help she needs to heal her mind and body.  It’s unfortunate that not all rape victims, regardless of gender, have such resources.  If you get a call of such nature from someone that you care about, please listen and be present.  It’s important for you to be there and in the long run it might save your friend from a pit of emotional suffering with no way out other than self-destruction.  Don’t forget this.  Ever.

↓ Transcript
Ugly Alex yells at his approaching companions and seems half angry and completely hurt.

Ugly Alex to Everyone
I’m an evil rapist! Why don’t all of you leave me the fuck alone?

The group comes closer.

Dmitri to Ugly Alex
Because, I have to live with you!
Sasha to Ugly Alex
You’re my half-cousin.

Zoya gradually loses her temper.

Zoya to Ugly Alex