I totally blame Ryan Dow and David Steinlitch for influencing this page.  Fucking Twinkitos!



Assistant Art Director  Mandarr

Flats and Holds Paul H

Everything Else by Vas

Original B&W version created for Minneapolis 24-Hour Comics Day 2010.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
A nude Camello is talking to an off-screen Lucky.

CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen)
I did obtain it.

Frame 2
Lucky looks at an off-screen Camello, worried.

LUCKY To Camello (off-screen)
What was it? A chemical? A secret microchip?

Frame 3
A shot of a package of Hosties Twinkitos twin snack cakes with the tagline: They last forever.

Frame 4
Lucky frowns and looks down, his hand to his head.

LUCKY To Camello (off-screen)
We are so militarily fucked.