Just so you know, those donuts that the kids are eating aren’t donuts. They’re not bagels either.  They’re a tasty crispy treat known as sooshkas. They can be sweet like a cookie, or salty like a cracker.  Whichever variety you pick, they’re yummy.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Tsar rushes down the stairs.

Frame 2
Tsar enter the small dining room only to be greeted by a crabby ten year old girl with a messy braid of light brown hair and a pen in her ear. She’s reading notes and directing an icy glare to Tsar. A gleeful, slovenly chubby and somewhat muscular 6’7” man with Down’s syndrome and messy dark brown hair is wearing sweatpants and an undershirt. He is sitting on one of the dining room chairs-- he has a homemade teddy bear on his lap. His face is covered in chocolate, lard and jelly. A dishwater blond toddler wearing only a diaper is sitting on the table. He is covered, jelly in lard and chocolate. He seems happy. All the children have brown eyes. They’re all eating a breakfast of donut shaped cookies, raspberry jelly, chocolate bon bons and Pepsi. They are using a lump of lard as cookie dip. A tortoiseshell calico cat is licking the lard. There is no rhyme or reason to the table setting. There’s unwrapped homemade presents all over the place.

Frame 3
Olivia, the little girl, gives Tsar an innocent look as she delivers not so innocent words.

Olivia to Tsar
Your boss called. He told me to thank you for taking the hooker away because he got his groove back. He made up with his boyfriend and nailed his ass. He’s also wasted.