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Hey gang,

Before I begin, if you want to see pretty drawings, just scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, I thank you for reading this long post. A lot has happened since my last note, so here are some updates of what’s been going on:

  • Sadness and a massive lack of motivation have been problems during the last few months. Thankfully, my faith and a support network of loved ones, have been incredibly helpful in overcoming this slump for the most part. I’ve been going through grief counseling as well as therapy to deal with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia and a few very sad changes in my life. Thankfully, I’ve been making a lot of progress with those mental health issues. I am happy to report that I am no longer suffering from psychosis or hallucination, so the situation is manageable. I still have to work through some more stuff, but I should be back to a happier and more enthusiastic soon. Depression is tough, but I am stronger.
  • The United States decided “help” Puerto Rico by undermining our democratically elected government and officially installing colonial rule. They did this to allegedly bail my homeland from the enormous debt that was incurred because of the Federal government’s questionable wisdom. They forced us to loan money to billionaires and multinational corporations at nominal interests rates. They forced us into a food import monopoly with a single American fleet  They basically declared a tax-free zone for vultures corporation sucking out money out of our nation and destroying our agriculture and industry. They also forced us to allow illegal immigration in our Island in such a chaotic manner, that the it had to reissue everyone’s birth certificates, the crime rate has gone completely out of control and, the influx has caused a major healthcare crisis. I live in the States, so this doesn’t affect me as much as it does the people living in the island. However, there is something extremely demoralizing about knowing that much of my family are now subjects in a colony rather than equals in their United States citizenship. I write against tyranny, so this political change rubs me the wrong way.
  • I am working on making more changes on the site to make it simpler (for visitors, and for me to maintain) as well as more functional. I removed the old announcement blog and guest artist interviews, as fixing at these sections would’ve been too much of an investment for the return I was getting.  Thankfully, this means that the site is fully operational again. I am still ironing out glitches, but I’ve reached a point where it’s manageable.
  • Political stuff as of late has been infuriating. There’s too much irrational extremism on both sides of the political aisle, and identity politics have gotten completely out of hand in general. It’s soul sucking for me as a historian who prides zirself on objectivity, to deal with the infantile tone of our current political climate. There’s too much useless propaganda and not enough digging into sources, context or even basic logic.  If I haven’t been on Twitter as much, that’s why.


That’s all for now ,

P.S. If you are a so-called progressive, and you think that you are going to stop institutional systems of oppression by employing the same tactics used by those in power, then I suggest you start reading about Stalin and reflect about how well that ended.

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I was raised by a family of lawyers, cops and really interesting creative people in Puerto Rico. My mom encouraged my love for schlock cinema and comic books. When I started college, I initially wanted to be a Spanish teacher. Instead, I became a model, performer and adventurer. I have pretty much seen and done everything. I'm now a retired country housewife who spends far too much time being the boss of the VAS Littlecrow operation. I enjoy research and have a obsession with modern Russian history. It's effect on global politics, as well as its insanity and sexiness, fascinates me. That's my story and I am sticking to it.