In case you are wondering, Houjin is the Chinese guy being referenced here.

This is where we drew the comics at the Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic Day 2011 event. If you are in Minneapolis and want to join in on this year’s marathon drawing adventure, go to the website for more information.  The event starts Saturday October 1st and ends on Saturday October 2nd.  Because of my current disability and inability to drive as a result of it, I may not be able to go.  However, if you are in that area, do check it out!  It’s a lot of fun.



Assistant Art Director  Mandarr

Flats and Holds Paul H

Everything Else by Vas

Original B&W version created for Minneapolis 24-Hour Comics Day 2010.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Mikhail is in a gray suit, smoking a cigarette.

MIKHAIL To Camello (off-screen)
Seriously! No one needs to know that you're cheating on your wife with your cousin's...

Frame 2
Lucky and Camello are nude, in a field. Lucky is looking with surprise at the tattoo on Camello’s back.

LUCKY To Camello
What the hell is that?
I traded guitar lessons for it with some Chinese dude. It’s St. Michael slaying demons!