Aleksandra Is Not Dead — Now Available

Happy Easter and U.S. Federal Tax Deadline, everyone! My health condition has finally been stabilized after finding a new physician, leaving my day job and consulting with my psychiatrist.  Now that I’m feeling better, the team and I are back to work on Rasputin Catamite at full speech.  In our newest eComic, Sasha gets an IQ test that changes his life and Dima gets reunited with his dead girlfriend, Aleksandra.  If you are ready for the drama that ensues, get it Amazon’s Kindle Store!


I was raised by a family of lawyers, cops and really interesting creative people in Puerto Rico. My mom encouraged my love for schlock cinema and comic books. When I started college, I initially wanted to be a Spanish teacher. Instead, I became a model, performer and adventurer. I have pretty much seen and done everything. I'm now a retired country housewife who spends far too much time being the boss of the VAS Littlecrow operation. I enjoy research and have a obsession with modern Russian history. It's effect on global politics, as well as its insanity and sexiness, fascinates me. That's my story and I am sticking to it.