The Velvet Rasputin brand offers mature audience webcomics and graphic novels conceived by the VAS Littlecrow arts group.  Velvet Rasputin is a distinct and unusual sequential art experience for audiences looking for mature audience webcomics and graphic novels that are unlike any other in the market. Influenced by Soviet, Latin American and Indigenous cultures, this project’s mission is to create entertaining, accessible and boundary-pushing sequential art fiction that encourages conversations about liberty, culture, violence, politics, sexuality and spirituality.  Velvet Rasputin operates under the art direction of Reverend Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz. To contact us, visit this page. If you enjoy our creations, please consider making a donation.

Partner Studios

This is where our creative teams come from. Each studio is in charge of specific projects for the Velvet Rasputin projects. Partner Studios are added to the Velvet Rasputin by invitation only, and are responsible for creating 12 or more pages of official content for Velvet Rasputin properties.

VAS Littlecrow Studio A.d.H.D Full Force Studios Charisma Kills

Honorary Members

Velvet Rasputin recognizes folks who have made extraordinary efforts in creating amazing and unsolicited fan content of our properties, as a part of the extended family.  Honorary Members have either, created 12 or more pieces of fan art/stories without being asked to do so, or have made something so spectacular, that it cannot be overlooked. Please take a moment to support these wonderful folks.

Tales From Swipe City

Current Team and Active Projects

Rasputin Catamite

Rasputin Barxotka



Upir’s Mark

Prairiephotos Memorial

Projects Not Being Updated

Offline And Discontinued

  • Phoebe Phrodos
  • Catnose Comics – All projects.  (Intellectual property for The Nine Lives of Catnose now belongs to Lucinda Reilly and Stefanie Davis)

More About Velvet Rasputin:

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