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We will not share your identifiable personal information with anyone outside of VAS Littlecrow, unless we specifically ask, and you grant us permission to do so.  If you win a prize from one of our contests or giveaways, we will only publish your first name and last initial, unless you voluntarily provide information such as your public user name, regardless of what information you provide.

If you send guest art, we may publish your name, art and website, along with any promotional information that you choose to give us.

We track website traffic using Disqus, Google Analytics, Ink Outbreak, Quancast and serve advertising via Project Wonderful, and Vigilink with monetized links and manners.  If this is an issue for you, we suggest that you use an ad-blocker, cookie blocking program or anonymizer for your browser.  Be aware that advertising is our main source of income, so be mindful of that when you make a decision regarding blocking advertisements and cookies. We use third-party vendors for much of our merchandise and advertising.  Please refer to their individual privacy policies if you have any questions about how your information will be used by them.


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