Velvet Rasputin is not mainstream and we are proud of this fact. We mostly do comics, but it goes way beyond that.

This project’s mission is to create entertaining, accessible and boundary-pushing sequential art fiction that encourages conversations about liberty, culture, violence, politics, sexuality and spirituality. In other words, we create crazy stuff that will make you think.


Velvet Rasputin wants you to question everything.

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Webcomic Whipcrack: Demon Archives

The upcoming Into The Vast Review has been cancelled due to that webcomic’s untimely conclusion and removal from the Internet. Instead, I am publishing a postponed review of Demon Archives. The Zukahnaut review will be postponed until later in June due to circumstances beyond my control. Critical Synopsis Overall, the Demon Archives webcomic is action-packed and entertaining enough for […]

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Webcomic Tip, Crits, 80’s Metal Party + The State of Velvet

Webcomic Tip Instead of freaking out over someone offering you an insultingly small amount of money for a full-color illustration, tell a short story about your creative process.  Be sure to educate your prospect on the importance of professional work and everything it entails. Afterwards, offer the prospective client a choice between your professional work or, cheap work from a source like […]

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Everyone’s (a) Critic(ized)

The Critic and the Critiqued Criticism provides an integral function in the art world, webcomics included. Critiques of high-caliber can hurt like salt on a wound, while at the same time inspiring the subject to create better work. The best critics craft knowledgeable commentaries that shine with a passion for the subjects of review. Webcomic creators are well-served […]

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Straight Up: Why Your Comics Belong In Your Resume

You’re a comic creator with an unprofitable, but moderately popular Internet-only property. In spite of getting a Masters of Fine Arts degree several years ago, you can’t get a minimum wage job because of your supposed lack of a work history. Interviewers snub your resume because it seems to scream chronic unemployment and potential laziness. […]

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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Bulk Emails

The Double Edged-Sword Bulk or mass email refers to any electronic correspondence addressed to multiple people, whether you send it via automated mailing list service or manually. This can be a convenient way to communicate with our audience, collaborate with industry peers and market our products.  Unfortunately, it can be a major nuisance that serves as an efficient […]

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