Nice Things People Have Said About Our Comics

Disclaimer: Some quotes have been translated into standard English from Twitter shorthand.  The comments are not altered otherwise. 

The Velvet Rasputin Universe, In General

“(It’s) like C. S. Lewis, if C. S. Lewis wrote about Russians, Rroma, and ritualistic petit et grand mort.”
– K.M. Claude (Not only bought all our available print books, but now collaborates with us as an illustrator.)

Rasputin Catamite

“I first found your comics when I heard the word catamite in on HBO’s Rome.  A site called Rasputin Catamite came up. I hesitated to open it thinking it was done sort of weird porn. But against my better judgement I did so. I saw a comic. It was intriguing.”
– W.A.


“I like Rasputin Catamite.”
Gio BC Marko


“It’s like a nightmare Archie.”
Ethan Kocak


“Just want to let you all know that this is one of the most realistic fucked up Siberia comics lately. Quite intriguing.”
– Nichdubo


“Reading Rasputin Catamite right now and, as a mixed-ancestry Siberia-born Cryptojewish Russian: nice work! I sincerely appreciate that everyone in RC is kind of ugly and shabby and has weird noses, because that’s pretty damn accurate. Also A+ on all the Russian minorities! My Tatar and Jewish heart sings to see more than the default Slav.”
– Isak Grozny


“Rasputin Catamite is a VERY queer webcomic, but it’s not aligned with the sensibilities of the ‘tumblr crowd’. It’s very raw. It’s a difficult, very artful comic, and I would argue it’s an important one for the queer webcomics community! 1) the art style is different from the “usual” which grows on you after a bit! 2) it has a lot of depth and heart. ”
G Pike

Rasputin Barxotka

“It is something so unique, hard-edged, and affecting that it defies even the multiple genres in which it might fall. It is not for the squeamish, but it is something that deftly shows a part of the world and the human spectrum of emotions and sexuality that most might not (but should) consider. Both the comic itself and the Kindle versions are strongly recommended.”
Review by Neil Kapit

Poe Takes a Trip

Cute, spunky cat with tough moves that brings a smile to the face and heart.
– Trish Short Lewis


Cats! Karate! Enlightenment! Hallucinogens! Why aren’t you reading this?!
Neil Kapit