A Velvet Rasputin Infinite Canvas Comic Special – July 4th, 2017 Protest

I wrote a sarcastic rant on Facebook about protests and ideological myopia. I shared it with Ram and Loki.  They decided that it needed to be a comic. This is the result of our efforts. Happy Independence Day.

Written and based upon a social media rant by Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz.
Drawn by Ram Lama.


I was raised by a family of lawyers, cops and really interesting creative people in Puerto Rico. My mom encouraged my love of schlock cinema and comic books. When I started college, I initially wanted to be a Spanish teacher. Instead, I became a model, performer and adventurer. I have pretty much seen and done everything. Now, I'm a retired country housewife who spends far too much time being a historian and doting on my husband. I am also a wild child turned Christian, who often writes creepy stories loosely based on my life experiences and mashed up with research on the fall of the Soviet Union and Russian folklore.