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Comic Tips Round-Up for 11/26/2014

Did you know that if you use Comic Easel’s location tags, you can link them to maps, like so? If you are uncomfortable with critical, offensive and/or stupid comments, or a lack thereof don’t enable comments on your site, period. If you do enable comments, you have a responsibility to moderate and create a comfortable atmosphere […]

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Really Uncomfortable Stuff To Think About In Regards To Webcomics

Audience Myth Busting Do you believe the conventional wisdom about webcomics being a small industry, where upsetting the wrong apple in one cart will result in, “you’ll never work in this town again”? Believe it or not, it is pure fiction. The online-delivery comics industry actually represents a surprisingly large niche market. As of this reading and according to […]

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Main Cast Page

Helpful Cast Page Stuff

Let’s face it: making cast pages for your characters is a gigantic pain in the butt. A detailed cast page provides an additional level of engagement for super fans. Unfortunately, some readers may regard them as providing too much information. A simple splash page with characters is great way to meet characters at a glance, but it might […]

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Comic Easel Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Know About, Part 2

Customization tips Comic Easel and ComicPress work great together. Alas, they look like Comic Easel and ComicPress. Thankfully, there are ways to fix that. So once again, I’m focusing on some basic but, overlooked features that you may have not known about. Stuff That Frumph Already Covered How to modify your theme of choice to work with Comic Easel. […]

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Creative Commons Character: Cecilia Mayaguez

Cecilia Mayaguez was a character that I wanted to use as a protagonist for a web-only comic before webcomics were a thing. I never really felt it, unfortunately, so Cecilia never got her starring role.  Here are her features: Cecilia has tan olive skin and bright brassy hair. Her idol is Iris Chacon and she has aspirations […]

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Creative Commons Characters: Rejected Illustration for Blog That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

I don’t know what this was for. It doesn’t really matter because, the site that I submitted it to no longer exists. The characters designs are charming and could be adapted for something more interesting than sitting on my rejection pile. Scene At A Cafe by Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz is licensed under a Creative Commons […]

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Creative Common Characters: Thrift Revolution

This was my last attempt at doing anything specific to children. It would’ve been a print/webcomic effort to create a DIY punk-ethos story series designed to teach children financial responsibility, the value of exercise, creativity and ecological stewardship. Unfortunately, the pitch was rejected by its potential patron because he thought the concept was too edgy. I […]

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Creative Commons Characters: The Complete Adopt-A-Freak Series.

If you are past your twenties, then you probably remember those cheesy Adopt-A-Cute-Graphic things that were all the rage in the mid-to-late nineties. The characters on this page were my contribution to the bandwagon. There’s no real backstory and the graphics are beyond cheesy, but these transparent GIFs might be useful for idea generation. The animal graphics were […]

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Dogma 1

Creative Commons Characters: Dogmacatorama (a.k.a. DogMaCatRatma)

This originally started out as Rock N’ Rule fan fiction but it developed a life of its own. Unfortunately, the masters for the original comic series are long gone, and I have very little source material to share. All that remains are these reconstructions of the principal character designs. They’re post-nuclear anthropomorphic  and the have a […]

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Creative Commons Character: Blue Snow Elf

I created the Blue Snow Elf as a challenge to myself to make a Luis Royo-inspired character with practical features that would enable her to function in a cold weather environment. I never used her for anything substantial, and the renders are not as developed as I’d like them to be, but she’s neat nonetheless. This snow […]

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