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Capture of Technique 3

Making Traditional Media Look Like Digital; Making Digital Look Traditional

Here’s a fun series of exercises to help improve your ability to translate traditional art methods to digital media, and for digital artists to try their hand at traditional media. Before You Start The Exercises Anytime you are imitating one media using a completely different media, you need to study them both. Just as you […]

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Having trouble fleshing out your characters? This website might prove helpful. Regardless of actual talent, creative people tend to be their own worst critics. Be nice to yourself. You are the creator of your comics universe. Feel free to establish your own laws of physics. This is your reality. Get the the best office chair […]

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Comic Creator Tips Roundup 12/01/2014

If you are a parent, or know children, use their drawings as a jumping off point for creative brainstorming. Don’t be a bad example and swipe their ideas. Ask them for permission, and treat them like collaborators or aspiring art directors. Cluttering your menu bar with chapters? If you use ComicPress/Comic Easel, there’s a nifty chapter […]

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I respectfully disagree with sanity being a requirement for success in comics.

Oni Press Editor Charlie Chu once said: PROTIP: To be successful in comics, follow these two simple rules: 1) do the work 2) don’t be crazy While I agree with Mr. Chu on this statement to some extent when it comes to administrative and marketing tasks, I’m not so sure about sanity being a prerequisite […]

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The Difference Between Comics, eComics and Webcomics

There is no real difference between a comic, e-comics. or webcomics, aside from their delivery methods. Compare: Comic Books and Comic Strips are simply comics that are distributed in print media.This is the oldest and most familiar delivery format for this type of content. e-Comics are digitally distributed downloadable comics that can be read online or […]

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The Green-Eyed Monster: Dealing With Jealousy As A Creator

Envy is a normal, though unpleasant part of the human experience. Creative people tend to be a sensitive bunch, so the effects of jealousy seem to affect us on a much more personal level, both when it is leveled at us, and when we feel it. When covetousness affects artists, they can act out in […]

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Comic Tips Round-Up for 11/26/2014

Did you know that if you use Comic Easel’s location tags, you can link them to maps, like so? If you are uncomfortable with critical, offensive and/or stupid comments, or a lack thereof don’t enable comments on your site, period. If you do enable comments, you have a responsibility to moderate and create a comfortable atmosphere […]

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Really Uncomfortable Stuff To Think About In Regards To Webcomics

Audience Myth Busting Do you believe the conventional wisdom about webcomics being a small industry, where upsetting the wrong apple in one cart will result in, “you’ll never work in this town again”? Believe it or not, it is pure fiction. The online-delivery comics industry actually represents a surprisingly large niche market. As of this reading and according to […]

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Main Cast Page

Helpful Cast Page Stuff

Let’s face it: making cast pages for your characters is a gigantic pain in the butt. A detailed cast page provides an additional level of engagement for super fans. Unfortunately, some readers may regard them as providing too much information. A simple splash page with characters is great way to meet characters at a glance, but it might […]

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Comic Easel Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Know About, Part 2

Customization tips Comic Easel and ComicPress work great together. Alas, they look like Comic Easel and ComicPress. Thankfully, there are ways to fix that. So once again, I’m focusing on some basic but, overlooked features that you may have not known about. Stuff That Frumph Already Covered How to modify your theme of choice to work with Comic Easel. […]

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